Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hangin With Susi!

Hola Bloggers! I was so happy when my dad asked if I would go to Bakersfield, CA to go and visit my tia's for the weekend....I had so much fun....I finally got to meet Susi...and tho we talk every other day on skype and can see eachother....seeing her in person was like "she's real" LOL! We had so much fun and Susi has a way of finding the humor in anything....we laughed so much by the end of the day we both needed some tylenol for the headaches we had...and for our faces that hurt from all the smiling we did! :D Here's some pics of me and Susi....I miss her...I so wish we lived in the same state....she's one of the KINDEST, AMAZING BESTIES I KNOW AND SHE'LL FOREVER HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART! :D TQM AMI!

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  1. Great photos! Do I see another mini album in the works? You have to put these photos somewhere special! :o)