Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 9- Santa's Pants: hot cocoa gift box

Let's stuff Santa's pants with hot cocoa and marshmallows! Jajaja! Aye, sorry Linda but I couldn't help it.  It was an easy target. =) So I decided to make "Snowman's soup" into something unique.  We know Santa love milk and cookies but I bet he loves hot cocoa too!

I used a hot cocoa box and cut it in half then reconstructed it.  I covered the box with red card-stock, black card-stock for the belt and used a scrap square chipboard as the buckle.  I used gold embossing powder to make his buckle gold...ooooh so chy-knee! I placed some fur on the bottom of his pants too.  And there you go! Santa's hot pants!

What did I use?
Recollections red and black card-stock
scrap peice of chipboard
Gold embossing powder
Joann's whit fur (This is my emergency stash for when my nutcrackers lose their hair and/or facial hair...come to think of it I need black fur for my dark haired nutcrackers!)

I hope you guys enjoyed Santa's pants and thanks for stopping by!
~Arroz y frijoles~


  1. So cute! Love the fur on the bottom! Are your nutcrackers shedding? That's kind of weird! lol You can give them the white fur as they get older! :o)

  2. Awsome pants to bad they don't fit me LOl TFS

  3. Digging Santas hot pants!
    Thanks ladies,